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This week's Q&A comes from the Inspection Team.

Q. I need my welding operators to gain qualifications to use my Mechanized Sub Arc welding plant.  The guys are already qualified to BS EN ISO 9606-1 for TIG and MAG welding, is this the correct standard to use for Sub Arc?

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This week's Technical Q & A comes from the NDT team.

Q. What is acoustic impedance a product of?

A) Material density and the velocity of sound through it.

B) Sound velocity through a material and it's elasticity.

C) Material density and elasticity.

D) Material elasticity and specific gravity.

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Q. At what thickness do you take side bends for Procedure and Qualification Tests?

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We require a dynamic Receptionist to join our rapidly expanding team.

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This weeks question has come from the inspection department.

Q. I have gained a coding to BS EN 287-1: 2011 with an employer, and left them on good terms recently. They have provided me with my Certificates, but a potential new employer wishes to use them. Are they correct to do so?


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