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16-11-2016 - - 0 comments

The final round of WorldSkills UK Skills Competition will be held this weekend in Birmingham.

Clive Slocombe, senior inspector at Code A Weld, will be judging the final round of  SkillWeld 2016, the welding competition which is also part of the main Skills Competition event. He has been one of the judges throughout the prestigious welding event.

11-11-2016 - - 0 comments

Some recent good news in the manufacturing industry as reports state that the growth in the sector beats forecast, for the full story click here

04-11-2016 - - 0 comments

With the news on the development of Hinkley C, there are, however, concerns regarding the safety of the nations existing nuclear power stations, for the full story please click here

28-10-2016 - - 0 comments
The Welder

We have acquired copies of The Welder dating back to 1963.

The Welder was a technical journal published by Murex Welding Processes Ltd, now part of ESAB UK, with lots of information and articles of what was relevant at the time

21-10-2016 - - 0 comments

Code A Weld were pleased to receive an enquiry from MDC Vacuum Ltd at 6pm on 27th September.

A quote was issued on the 28th September and the visit was conducted on 6th October. The visit was for several procedures (BS EN ISO 15614-1 : 2004 + A2 : 2012 / BS EN ISO 15614-2 : 2005) and some welder qualifications (BS EN ISO 9606-1 : 2013 / BS EN ISO 9606-2 : 2004).


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