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16-02-2016 - - 0 comments
How Did We Perform in January 2016?

Here's how we did last month.

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Phasing-out of coal and nuclear reactors without alternatives will combine to create a supply crunch in a decade’s time, report predicts

13-01-2016 - - 0 comments
How did we do in December 2015?

Last month, we delivered over 77.5% of the results within a 4-day period, about 21% within a 5-day period, with only 1.57% of the results delivered outside the 5-day standard period.

13-01-2016 - - 0 comments
Meet the Team- George Wellington

George, 22, has worked as a laboratory technician at Code A Weld for the past 11 months, and was recently awarded the employee of the month title. We recently had a little chat with him to find out more about his time at Code A Weld and what he enjoys outside of work.

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To assist research into optimal procedures for welding aero engine fan blades, nuclear pressure vessels and other safety-critical fabrications, a new material testing capability has been developed at the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK.


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