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Question:- Multi Purpose Welding Gauges can measure which of the below when Visually Inspecting a fully welded Single ‘V’ Butt Weld in Plate?


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Welding Question of the Week- Macro Testing

Q. This macro was assessed to acceptance category BS EN ISO 5817:2014 and failed for which of the following reasons?

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Welding Question of the Week- Macro testing

Q. What has this macro failed for? (To Acceptance BS EN ISO 2014 CATEGORY B)

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We are pleased to announce Peter Turner has won our prize draw and is the winner of 2 Cheltenham Gold Cup tickets for Friday 13th March 2015. We look forward to meeting with you Friday!

Our next draw will be announced soon!

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Q: The Maximum Interpass temperature recorded on my BS EN ISO 15614-1 WPQR (S355 Carbon Steel MAG Butt Weld in Plate) is 229°C. Surely the welding Inspector has made a mistake...everyone knows it should be 250°C?


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