About Code A Weld

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Dedicated Services

Our three independently run services provide a high standard of professionalism and care, all of which hold their own United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accreditation. Delivered by an exceptionally skilled and very approachable team. We provide:

Free support

Our independent in-house and on-site services support a wide range of businesses and organisations - from nuclear, renewable energy, oil & gas and aerospace industries to rail, automotive, pharmaceutical, construction, marine and food sectors.

Absolute peace of mind

Our knowledge, experience and accreditations ensure that our work is of the highest achievable standards, enabling our customers to meet all regulatory and insurance requirements as well as their own company-specific standards. Which ultimately means what matters most - complete peace of mind.

To find out more about what we can do, please get in touch with Code A Weld.

Why Code A Weld?

Achieving the very best for our customers drives everything that we do. We'll pull out all the stops to help and support you and use our expertise, experience and resourcefulness to ensure that every piece of work that we do is better than the best – however small, large or complex.

Fast turnaround

We are extremely proud of being able to complete tests far quicker than most – and without ever compromising quality. Our standard turnaround is just 3-5 working days, and if time is critical, we can complete tests in 24 hours if arranged in advance.

Support for your business

Our industry knowledge allows us to pass on information regarding upcoming specification changes meaning you can future proof your business and plan ahead.

Extraordinary personal service

We make sure that we understand your business well, so that what we do fits exactly with what you need and adds true value to your operations. This is one of the many reasons why all of the customers we've done work for, have stayed with us. 

Above all, we look after you in a direct and personal way. To our customers we are individuals rather than departments or divisions; people they can talk to and people they trust to keep every promise. Every time.

Recognised accreditations

Both our UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0326, and our UKAS accredited inspection body No. 0342, hold their own quality accreditations, and we are authorised to carry out Recognised Third Party Organisation work relating to the Pressure Equipment Directive.

Professional membership

We are members of the United Kingdom Conformity and Assessment Bodies Group (UKCAB's), the Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed), the British Manufacturing Association (BEMA) and the Association of Weld Distributors (AWD).

Our Personal Guarantee

Commitment to our customers is not just an empty phrase – it's a promise. We want you to be delighted with every project that we undertake and we put our heart and soul into making sure that you are.

Through our first class professional skills, highest quality work, strong personal relationships and ongoing help and advice, we guarantee you a service that is second to none.

Our Quality Guarantee

We are accredited by UKAS* (the United Kingdom Accreditation Service) as a Testing Laboratory and Inspection Body. Our Surveillance, Non-Destructive Testing and Mechanical Testing services hold their own UKAS accreditations, with staff and company operations subject to periodic surveillance (once per year) and re-assessment (once every four years). In addition, our testing and surveillance departments hold their own ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020 quality accreditations respectively.

We are professional members of the United Kingdom Conformity and Assessment Bodies Group (UKCAB); The Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed); The British Manufacturing Association (BEMA); and The Association of Weld Distributors (AWD).

Our Transparency Guarantee

We are always happy to provide or show you evidence to back our claims. Please ask if you would like to see our working procedures, individual qualifications, schedules of accreditations, membership and accreditation certificates, machine and equipment calibration certificates and records.

UKAS is the sole Government-recognised body for assessing organisations providing certification, testing, surveillance and calibration services.