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10th September 2014 - - 0 comments
Chinese Nuclear Plant at Hinkley Point C set to get the Green Light

An article by the Sunday Times last week has suggested that plans to build a Chinese atomic reactor in Britain are reaching the final stages.  Hinkley Point near Bridgwater in Somerset already has two plants and plans for a new development are to receive backing from a combination of French nuclear leaders EDF Energy, China General Nuclear Power Corporation and China National Nuclear Corporation.  Negotiations are due to continue with expectations for the plans to be given the go ahead in the near future.

29th August 2014 - - 0 comments

This week our Technical Q&A of the Week comes from the Lab. 

Q.  What is the minimum viewing angle when carrying out visual examination in accordance with BS EN ISO 17637:2011?

28th August 2014 - - 0 comments

We require a Part Time Book-Keeper to join our rapidly expanding team.

21st August 2014 - - 0 comments

This week's Q&A comes from the Inspection Team.

Q. I need my welding operators to gain qualifications to use my Mechanized Sub Arc welding plant.  The guys are already qualified to BS EN ISO 9606-1 for TIG and MAG welding, is this the correct standard to use for Sub Arc?

15th August 2014 - - 0 comments

This week's Technical Q & A comes from the NDT team.

Q. What is acoustic impedance a product of?

A) Material density and the velocity of sound through it.

B) Sound velocity through a material and it's elasticity.

C) Material density and elasticity.

D) Material elasticity and specific gravity.

8th August 2014 - - 0 comments

Q. At what thickness do you take side bends for Procedure and Qualification Tests?


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