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We require a dynamic Receptionist to join our rapidly expanding team.

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This weeks question has come from the inspection department.

Q. I have gained a coding to BS EN 287-1: 2011 with an employer, and left them on good terms recently. They have provided me with my Certificates, but a potential new employer wishes to use them. Are they correct to do so?

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Workshop, Laboratory & NDT Team Update

We have had many people join Code A Weld in recent months, and here is the latest update from the Workshop, Laboratory and NDT departments. 

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This week's Technical Q&A of the Week comes from one of our Laboratory Technicians.

Q.In accordance with BS EN ISO 5817 :2014 Category B, what would be the allowance for the root gap, with a nominal throat thickness of 5.4mm on a fillet weld with 10mm plate thickness be?

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1st Prize - David Richards

2nd Prize - Max Crook

3rd Prize - Andy McLellan


Well done! We will be in touch with your prizes...


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