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12-10-2017 - Rachael - 0 comments
Blog - Welcome to Code A Weld

Hello everyone and welcome to the first official Code A Weld Blog. What you can find here is a more personal view of this professional business, giving you the inside scoop on a weekly basis written by myself and with the input of my colleagues and even the Managing Director at times! 

16-08-2017 - Admin - 0 comments

The UK's new £3bn aircraft carrier has docked in its home port.

HMS Queen Elizabeth entered Portsmouth Harbour for the first time at about 07:10 BST following extensive preparations at the naval base.

14-08-2017 - Admin - 0 comments

Steel company Tata has formally announced it is to separate its UK pension scheme from the business. It could mean a potential merger between the Indian-owned firm and the German steel producer ThyssenKrupp is more likely to move forward. The £15bn British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) has been a significant barrier to any agreement.

28-07-2017 - Admin - 0 comments

We were delighted to receive some feedback from Simon at Modulift earlier this week.

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We are recruiting for a UT Technician, send your CV's to

We are recruiting for a UT Technician, send your CV's to




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