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16th November 2015 - - 0 comments

The final round of WorldSkills UK Skills Competition will be held this weekend in Birmingham.

Clive Slocombe, senior inspector at Code A Weld, will be judging the final round of  SkillWeld 2015, the welding competition which is also part of the main Skills Competition event. He has been one of the judges throughout the prestigious welding event.

7th September 2015 - - 0 comments
Meet The Team- Ceri Evans

Meet Ceri, our latest member who has joined our highly-skilled team of welding inspectors. Read about what he loves about this job and what challenges he faces. 

7th September 2015 - - 0 comments
Welding Question of the Week- 24/08/2015

How many of the these pipes (21.3mm OD x 2.77mm) are required to be welded to satisfy the test piece requirements of BS EN ISO 9606-1?

7th September 2015 - - 0 comments
Welding Question of the Week- 07/09/2015

One of our inspectors spotted this when out and about on his bank holiday travels. What welding defects are visible to you in this photo? 

3rd September 2015 - - 0 comments
Our Performance Chart for July 2015

Here is our performance chart for the month of July. Over 97% of the work received by us was completed within four days and the rest within a five day period, with only one job being outside this period. 

20th August 2015 - - 0 comments
Welding Question of the Week- 17/08/2015

Question: How many tubes can you see in the picture and what is the material?



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