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21-07-2015 - - 0 comments
Welding Question of the Week-20/07/2015

Question: This photo consists of some items that are used by our onsite inspectors when recording data for a WPQR. Can you name at least one piece of calibrated kit that is missing which should be used to verify data captured whilst onsite?

10-07-2015 - - 0 comments
Welding Question of the Week

Question: What is the maximum capacity of Code A Weld's newest Tensile machine?

A- 200 kN
B- 300 kN
C- 400 kN
D- 500 kN



26-05-2015 - - 0 comments
Welding Question of the Week- Corrosion Test

Question: Which Material would you most likely carry out a G48 Method A Corrosion Test on?

10-05-2015 - - 0 comments

Question: I’m using a Carbon Steel, En 10025-1 Grade S355 J2 G3 as material for my procedure test piece, a butt weld in 20mm thick plate welded to satisfy the requirements of BS EN ISO 15614-1 : 2004 + A2 : 2012 but I have no intention of using the end product at sub zero temperatures. None of the application standards applicable to the design of the product involve operations sub zero. Can I therefore test my impacts at 0 deg C and still be code compliant?

08-05-2015 - - 0 comments

When carrying out a Hardness Survey in accordance with BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004+A2:2012 on Carbon Steel Group 1.2 Material the Maximum Permit is 380HV.Does the sample in the Video pass?



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