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5th March 2015 - - 0 comments

Q: The Maximum Interpass temperature recorded on my BS EN ISO 15614-1 WPQR (S355 Carbon Steel MAG Butt Weld in Plate) is 229°C. Surely the welding Inspector has made a mistake...everyone knows it should be 250°C?

20th February 2015 - - 0 comments

Q: In accordance with the Ultrasonic Testing of Welds Specification BS EN ISO 17640:2010, which of the following statements is true?

A - This Standard does not cover Ultrasonic Testing of Welds.

B - Thickness's ?8mm can only be tested on Welds.

C - Minimum Lighting to be more than 500 Lux.

D - Operators should be qualified to PCN Level 3 as a minimum.

17th February 2015 - - 0 comments

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13th February 2015 - - 0 comments

Q: If you had a Fillet Weld with 20mm Leg Lengths what should your Throat Thickness be?

A- 20mm

B- 10mm

C- 14mm

D- 40mm

A: C- 14mm

The conversion to calculate what your Throat Thickness should be is 0.7  X your actual leg length, for example 0.7 x 20mm = 14mm.

6th February 2015 - - 0 comments

Q: I've been told that if I weld a 30mm thick fillet weld for a BS EN 287-1 test I will get a range of approval of 5mm and above, is this the best test to take?

A: Not quite, BS EN 287-1 gives you a range of approval of 3mm and above for any fillet weld test piece thickness over 3mm. It sounds like there is some confusion with another standard that offers a similar range of approval but references welding procedure qualifications, not welder qualifications. 

30th January 2015 - - 0 comments

Which of the following Lux Readings comply with the requirements of BS EN ISO 17637:2011 for Visual Examination?

A: 350 Lux

B: 400 Lux

C: 500 Lux

D: All the above

A: D-All of the above


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