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Q: Which Acceptance standard would you use when carrying out Liquid Penetrant Inspection on Aluminium Butt Welds in Plate?

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Q: Referencing BS EN ISO 9606-1 : 2013, which one of the following statements is True:

a) Butt welds cover all types of welds including all fillets and all branch connections

b) Butt welds cover butt welds in any type joint including branch connections with an angle equal to or greater than 60 degrees 

c) Butt welds may cover fillets if the test piece is welded in the H-L045 position

d) There is no possible way of qualifying any other joint other than a butt off of a butt weld test

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Question:- Multi Purpose Welding Gauges can measure which of the below when Visually Inspecting a fully welded Single ā€˜Vā€™ Butt Weld in Plate?


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Welding Question of the Week- Macro Testing

Q. This macro was assessed to acceptance category BS EN ISO 5817:2014 and failed for which of the following reasons?

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Welding Question of the Week- Macro testing

Q. What has this macro failed for? (To Acceptance BS EN ISO 2014 CATEGORY B)


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