Radiography Inspection

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Radiography Inspection is a more advanced Non-Destructive Testing method, being able to detect internal discontinuities in both Welds and Castings, making this ideal for looking at the integrity of a weld joint. By placing the object or weld underneath the x-ray set at 90 degrees and taking an x-ray image is the most common set up, after which the film needs to be developed either manually or automatic within a dark room. Once the image has been developed, it can be viewed with a specialist light viewer. The Radiographer/Interpreter must then accept or reject the object or weld according to the acceptance standard which is being used.

How You Benefit

  • Fully trained and competent Radiographers with excellent knowledge of both British & American Standards.
  • Fully equipped and brand-new x-ray facility built in February 2018 which uses the industries best and newest equipment.
  • A Radiograph is a permanent record with no discrepancies of results and can be held for 20 years!
  • Working under PCN level 3 procedures and guidance, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.
  • Full compliance with legal and government regulations.

Radiography Inspection

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